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A Look at Reiki’s History

Having a full comprehension in regards to the history of Reiki, the following facts would help you understand why there is a great number of people practicing this form of healing even in our present times. Just like other styles of ancient healing, the sense of touch, specifically the touch of palm, is required in order to effectively deliver healing and relaxation.

The history of Reiki encompasses both of its western and eastern influences. Similar to other forms of Asian healing, the western approach includes the traditional practices of Reiki which at the same time, adding more techniques of massage and touch. In both forms it is said to encourage circulation and therefore to help the body to heal itself as much as possible.

To fully understand Reiki, we must trace back into its humble beginnings and look closely as to how it has innovated to the healing form of massage we are familiar with these days.

Mikao Usui founded the advantage of Reiki after his 21-day retreat in the mountains. His teachings involves the use of palms to transfer healing energies from one being to the other along with his lessons, his philosophies in life were taught as well.

The healer’s instincts of where to position the hands on those who requires healing, is visible in the early history of Reiki. There are no specific teachings as to which areas of the body contains more energy and healing abilities during this period.

These modern times, the practice of Reiki conducts more instructions about certain areas of the body that normalizes the blood circulation and energy. Pressure points around the areas of the body and the techniques for pressure are instilled to a student who is learning Reiki. This is meant to encourage circulation which in turn means healing properties for the body.

Apparently, modern Reiki originated in Hawaii and later spread through California. There are a few different form of Reiki in practice today and some employ what is called psychic surgery, meaning that a person can and should concentrate and relax their mind so that the body is encouraged to heal on its own or with the assistance of a healer with them.

The development of modern Reiki illustrates its development as time goes by. But most teachings acknowledge the fact that Reiki or healing energy is not possible to be drained so the practitioner will be able to help those in need through their entire ordeal.

You should now be able to analyze why some people embrace this practice if you understand the history of Reiki. With relaxation and massage, overcoming pain while in the process of
healing can be achieved and a person may be healed faster.

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